Client Testimonials

Pace Builders is now retired from business. We wish to thank everyone who has supported us over the years – our suppliers, our employees, and our amazing families and clients!

We are deeply thankful for the following customers’ reviews of our past contracting, construction, and remodeling services.

Our job was an extensive remodel focusing mostly on kitchen and bathroom. Here’s the list of most of what was done:

  • Demo (down to studs and sub-floor) and rebuild from scratch of kitchen and bathroom
  • Bathroom: Tile floor, wall, ceiling, fan, electrical, all new fixtures, tub/shower (tile walled), vanity with sink, toilet, mirror, paint
  • Replaced most of bathroom exterior wall and stucco to fix water damage and change window configuration
  • Repair of water damage and dry rot in wall and sub-floor of bathroom
  • Kitchen: Tile floor, wall, ceiling, lighting, electrical, cabinets installed (pre-assembled), countertop plywood base, sink, disposal, paint
  • New appliances installed (Fridge, Gas Stove, Microwave, Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Gas Dryer)
  • Electrical upgrades (new sub-panel, grounding of main panel, grounding of existing circuits, new wire to kitchen and bath)
  • Plumbing upgrades (replacement of old galvanized pipes with copper to kitchen and bath)
  • Front porch support replaced, porch painted
  • Attic and crawlspace vents replaced and some bad insulation work corrected
  • Replacement of 3 windows and sliding door (vinyl)
  • Exterior stucco repair
  • Power wash of exterior concrete and house
  • Repainting of exterior of house
  • Refinish of wood floor in living room
  • Reconfiguration of interior door layout to garage, bathroom, and 2 closets
  • Repainting and light repair of bedrooms and closets
  • New deck built on back of house

None of the above work was sub-contracted.

Peter, Ernesto, and Alejandro did an amazing job fixing up our first house for us. We bought the 3 bedroom 1 bath house as a short sale knowing that it needed extensive work. The kitchen was quite old and the bathroom had water damage/dry rot which extended into sub-floor, wall, and adjoining bedroom.

The job began mid-June and was completed at the end of August. With Peter overseeing the job, Ernesto and Alejandro worked Mon-Fri for two and a half months with only 2 or 3 days during that time that they were unable to come due to other commitments. In addition, the quality of their work is top notch. We didn’t feel that any shortcuts were taken, and they worked a number of long days near the end to make sure the house was ready for our Labor Day move-in date and final inspection. Ernesto is a great builder who knows how to do everything and always had useful advice for us whenever we had to make a choice. Alejandro is his right hand man who always worked hard and kept things moving.

The part we were most impressed by was how they are able to handle every part of the job without sub-contracting. If we had any criticism at all, it would be that working on a “time and materials” basis made it difficult to project the final cost in advance, but Peter was very good about giving realistic time estimates for each part of the job. In addition, his meticulous record-keeping made sure we had a full accounting of what we were spending money on during each phase of the project. There was never a time when we felt the guys weren’t working hard to get it done correctly and efficiently. WE FEEL LIKE THE QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF THE WORK WAS WELL WORTH THE PRICE WE PAID, AND THE PEACE OF MIND KNOWING THAT IT WAS DONE CORRECTLY IS WORTH ALMOST ANY PRICE.

– Julia Wheeler

We’re so happy with the work Pace Builders did. We look at our new kitchen and realize that there’s not one thing that didn’t turn out perfect, or that we would change. As anybody who’s gone through a remodel knows, that is praise of the highest order. Peter Bazner, the owner, and Ernesto and Alejandro, the workers/craftsmen are professional, meticulous, hard-working, and helpful. They also have a great aesthetic sense. Many times, when we were faced with what seemed like endless choices of what materials to use or how to best utilize the space, they explained the options and helped guide us to the right choice (for us.) They were also very accommodating and worked with us on a schedule that had to be changed several times due to delayed delivery by the cabinet manufacturer and the countertop fabricators. WE TRUST AND RESPECT THESE GUYS AND WOULD HIRE THEM AGAIN IN A SECOND.

– Elania Nanopoulos

I needed to prepare a gorgeous, but tired, almost all redwood home in the Berkeley Hills. At the recommendation of someone I trust completely, I hired Pace to restore the home: interior redwood restored, floor refinishing, exterior redwood sealing, power washing, kitchen remodel, bath remodel, windows rebuilt, exterior stairs and decking replaced, wiring improvements, thorough cleaning at completion including extensive window washing of the large volume of windows. I’m sure I’m forgetting things. They did it all.

There were no issues. The business details were very professional: contracting, insurance, billing, receipts, etc. The work was very high quality. My highest compliment is they used outstanding judgment on what to do and how to do it. I love hiring people who think while they are working. THE CREW, TO A MAN, WAS OUTSTANDING.

– Kurt Look

We were pleasantly astonished at how well the work was finished. The new shower fixtures, new toilets, and new flooring were installed so well that it looked as though they had always been here in the house! It is easy to make new things look new and, honestly, somewhat out of touch with the rest of the house, but Peter, Alejandro, and Ernesto made the upgrades look entirely consistent with the rest of the house, which showed a level of professionalism that we greatly appreciated.

In the course of installing one of the toilets in the master bath area on a floor with radiant heating, it was inevitable that some injury to the copper piping was sustained. Peter quickly brought in a specialist to effect the repairs with no disruption to the heating of the house. We are now assured that the heating and plumbing in the master bath area are better than ever, which is good for a house built in 1957.

Finally, Peter, Alejandro, and Ernesto were not only professional; they were pleasant, upbeat, and highly trustworthy. They were open, responsive, and never left us in doubt as to what would happen and when.

We believe that we got great value for the price we paid. We selected high-quality slate flooring and bathroom fixtures. As mentioned, Pace Builders carried out the upgrades quickly, carefully, and smoothly. The price we paid was almost exactly what we were told to expect. Imagine that: a contracting job without cost overruns!

Our experience with Pace Builders was optimal in every sense. Having undergone some less than ideal contracting experiences many years ago, we were expecting some glitch to crop up, but it never did. WE UNRESERVEDLY RECOMMEND PACE BUILDERS.

– Todd Freter

I’ve had Pace builder’s work on my fixer-upper in Berkeley four times since 2006. They replaced windows and did extensive dry rot removal, replaced the piping with copper, replaced much of the wiring, gutted and rebuilt the bathroom, did tile work in the shower and on the front steps, built a cute shed in the backyard, did extensive landscaping, painted inside and out and did many many other tasks. THIS SMALL COMPANY CAN DO ANYTHING!

This is the contractor of my dreams–they don’t do any of the annoying things that are common in the industry: fail to show up when promised, play ear splitting music while working, abandon your project with 5% left undone and not return no matter how many times you call. Pace doesn’t go on to the next job until they’re finished with yours. Amazingly I was able to work in my home office while renovations went on. They cleaned up inside and out at the end of the day. Great back and forth with Peter, Ernesto and Alejandro: you can ask them to do something and they will or explain gently why it wouldn’t work or is a bad idea. If there’s a problem, Peter is a great negotiator and things are solved pleasantly. He alerts you to new problems they find (endless dry rot in these old houses) and asks what you want to do or not do. I also liked that Peter agreed as I requested to bill by the week so I could keep track of expenses. Moderate prices but high level skills and friendly professional attitudes.

— Judith Coburn

I have owned my house in Berkeley for 18 years and used several contractors for different projects over the years. In the past three years I have used Pace Builders for one big projects and one small one. The big project (split into two pieces) was re-siding my house. I needed to do this project because the old siding was so weathered that it did not hold paint and the house had a number of small leaks. Pace Builders was very thorough, pointing out dry rot when they found it and resolving several small leaks that previous contractors were not able to fix. They also replaced two windows that were severely rotted because they had not been installed properly by the previous contractors. The workmanship is very good. The cleanup is good. The employees show up on time and work hard all day. No sitting around drinking coffee, etc. Peter Bazner, the owner, was very good at communicating with us and offering recommendations about materials, etc.

Pace also did a number of small projects such as installing a circulating hot water pump to avoid draining a large amount of water to warm up a shower, several light fixtures and a small plumbing repair. All these projects were done very well. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONSIDER PACE FOR YOUR PROJECTS.

The project went very well. I was recommended to Pace by my neighbor. Peter Bazner came out, we discussed options and decided on a course of action. The employees showed up on time and worked continuously until they were done. This is a point of pride with Peter. His employees do not leave a job to go to another one until the first one is finished. This is true even if new tasks are added once the work is underway. This may mean that your job starts a little later if the prior job adds a lot of work. But it is worth it once they start working on your project. They clean up every day and at the end of the project.

— Eric Weaver

We have a large two story home in Berkeley which has shingle siding. They prepared and painted the entire exterior including the shutters which had to have much preparation. After doing the shutters on site, they were unhappy with the results and they took them down to their shop and sanded them back to the original wood. There was also some rotted wood around the garage door and at the footing of several posts. They removed the damaged wood and replaced it and then painted that.

They painted a ceiling in a room that had had water damage. They then painted our small TV room which had been added to the house before we bought it. That room did not have the molding that is in the rest of the house. They found an excellent match, installed it and painted it.

About the same time we developed a leak in our crawl space which our plumber said was ground water. He installed a sump pump. I was suspicious because we had lived in this house with no ground water leaks for 38 years and it is on top of the highest hill in Berkeley. I had them examine the situation and they discovered a large hole in the foundation and traced the water flow back to a new drainpipe that had been installed only months earlier when we had our roof replaced. The water was going into the ground there and was entering the crawl space through the hole. He repaired the hole which must have had a large pipe in it at one time. He then altered the direction of the flow from the drainpipe and put in a concrete channel below the drain to feed away from the foundation. The problem was solved.

WE WERE VERY HAPPY WITH EVERYTHING THAT THEY DID. This house was built in 1939 and is in quite good condition but it needs several upgrades and some TLC. We will be working with Peter and his crew again.

– Judith Workman

I have used Pace Builders for many years, and am more than happy to recommend them to my clients and friends. They did a remodel in my rental unit which consisted of new kitchen, new bathrooms, new hardwood floors, refinishing hardwood floors, changing out doors and more. They also installed a drainage system there which had been done twice before and failed. A year later the system they installed (without pumps!) works beautifully and has greatly improved the house. They have built a shed for me, done work on my roof where “french” gutters needed to be filled in and the eaves repaired. They have also done a variety of work for friends and clients – all whom have been happy with the company and, most importantly, the work.

The crew is always on time, the workers polite and as unobtrusive as they can be, and do excellent work. I HAVE NEVER SEEN A PROJECT THIS COMPANY CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO, AND HOW TO DO IT WELL.

— Nina Duhl

Installed concrete siding, installed sprinkler system, installed plants, installed master bathroom door, installed dinning table light & dimmer, removed old concrete driveway & laid new driveway, installed new gate, rails & fence, fixed front walk, removed & replaced small roof over basement entrance, installed new retaining wall, improve drain & vent, retro-fit foundation, primed kitchen stove area, repaired door, installed downspout, installed smoke detectors, fixed front light, installed grabbars, cleaned gutters, painted the entire house inside & out, rented necessary equipment, took old concrete & soil to dump. Peter Bazner provides excellent supervision. His main employees Ernesto & Alejandro do steady, high quality work. Neighbors on both sides of our house have observed this work and have hired Pace Builders.

This work was actually performed over several years, from 2001 to 2011. WE KEPT GETTING HIGH QUALITY WORK SO KEPT HIRING PACE BUILDERS.

— John Taylor

Because of a another job performed by Pace at our previous home, we hired Pace to help with some remodeling of our new home:

  • Pace did a total rebuild of our master bathroom.
  • Rebuilt our fireplace and installed a gas insert.
  • Wiring for electronics throughout the house.
  • Replaced all baseboards which coordinated with installation of crown molding throughout the house.
  • Added recessed lighting to kitchen and family rooms.
  • Built a new laundry area, with cabinets and work counter in the garage.
  • Added insulation in attic and underneath the house.
  • Painted interior of house.
  • Upgraded earthquake retrofitting.
  • Many other miscellaneous improvements.

We had this work done before we moved, and as a surprise bonus, the house was so clean when they were done, we were able to move in without doing any extra cleaning.

We were so pleased with former work by Pace, that we did not hesitate to hire them again. We were again impressed with the great communication and immediate responsiveness of Peter, the owner. His crew, Ernesto & Alejandro not only worked hard, but were very respectful of our living situation, and always leaving the work area clean. No matter what difficulty arose, they were able to resolve it. They are on the job until it’s done. And if for any reason they need to return to adjust or fix something, they come immediately. For both times we hired them, WE MORE THAN GOT OUR MONEY’S WORTH.

— Kate Melland

Pace has done several jobs for us — remodeling a bathroom, building a deck, painting the exterior of our house, painting the interior of our house. Both of the painting jobs also included making repairs on a 100-year-old Craftsman house. We wanted to preserve the character of the house but bring it up to modern standards of living. Pace’s quality of work is superior — results on each of these jobs exceeded our expectations.

When it comes to responsiveness, getting the job done on time, and high quality results, PACE IS SIMPLY THE BEST. We have done a lot of work on our house — we’ve worked with a lot of contractors, and at this point, Pace is our go-to contractor of choice for any job. The estimates are fair, the work is done quickly and well, and if there is even the tiniest glitch, Peter and the crew are right on it. They communicate clearly, offer options, have creative ideas, and hear what their clients say. In the end, our bathroom is gorgeous, our deck solidly built and beautiful, and our paint jobs have outlasted our neighbors’ by years. We recommend Pace without reservation.

— B. Kienan

We did a total remodel of our kitchen. Replaced everything – cabinets, countertop, appliances, floor and added a skylight. The price includes the cost of the materials.

We were told that they try to do only one job at a time, so we spent some time on our plan and getting everything ordered, so that everything was ready to go when they started. TRUE TO THEIR WORD THEY COMPLETED THE JOB IN JUST UNDER SIX WEEKS, AND DID A GREAT JOB! They were able to do the electrical and plumbing, so we didn’t have delays with subcontractors. A year later we are still delighted with our new kitchen.

— Tom Stifler