Pace Builders is now retired from business. We wish to thank everyone who has supported us over the years – our suppliers, our employees, and our amazing families and clients!

Please read on to learn more about our past service offerings.

Helping Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Pace Builders has helped countless clients take their remodeling or new construction projects from idea to reality.

We understood how important every project was, and we always strived to provide every client with high quality service that exceeded every expectation.

While we worked closely with architects and designers, our clients were always welcome to take on the designer or project manager role – especially if they had a complete vision for the project.

Our Process

Pace Builders was always ready to help clients navigate the intimidating process of designing, permitting, zoning, and budgeting their construction projects.

Cost transparency and clear communication was always a top priority. Every invoice our clients received included detailed information about the number of employees on the job, their hourly work logs, and a clear accounting of all materials used.

We prided ourselves on building trusted relationships with local suppliers and subcontractors, all to ensure we delivered a finished project tailored to the client’s exact needs and specifications.

Time and Materials vs.
Fixed Cost

Contractors often give quotes for their services on a fixed-cost basis. For a contractor, this means the client carries all risk. If a contractor underestimates the cost, there are ways to cut materials and/or labor costs that would be invisible to the client. If a contractor overestimates the cost, they have no obligation to pass any savings on to you.

No one wants a contractor to cut corners (or pocket a bonus) at your expense. That’s why Pace Builders only ever charged for time and materials used– no hidden fees or costs, ever.

New Construction

Pace Builders helped our clients plan, execute, and complete many new construction projects, large and small.

New Home Construction

Multi-Family Construction

Small Commercial Construction

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Garages and Sheds

Decks and Patios

Home Remodeling

Pace Builders specialized in every aspect of home remodeling projects, from structural to cosmetic.

Kitchen Remodels

Bathroom Remodels



Home Repairs (Dry rot, drainage solutions, etc.)

Floor Plan Reconfigurations

Commercial Building

Pace Builders was well-versed in small commercial building or remodeling projects.

Retail Storefront Design and Remodeling

Restaurant Design and Remodeling

Office Space Design and Remodeling

Mixed-Use Space Remodeling

Live-Work Space Remodeling

Sustainable Building

Pace Builders cared about the environment, and helped make our clients’ homes and commercial spaces greener.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Smart Home Upgrades

Insulation Restoration

Tankless Water Heater Installation