About Pace Builders

Pace Builders is now retired from business. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years – especially our suppliers, our employees, and our amazing families and clients!

Pace Builders Inc. was a Full-Service Construction and Remodeling Company based in Berkeley, CA.

Our Founder’s Story

Peter Bazner moved to the Bay Area in 1971 to start his own business, Pace Painting. From 1971-1974, Peter was on the job, painting houses and going door-to-door to generate clientele.

The company became quite successful for a small personal business and Peter was quickly offered a job as an Estimator for a contractor. He took the job in 1975 and began working full-time for another contractor in San Francisco. Peter was in charge of dealing directly with clients and workers. He helped generate business and expanded the company.

Quickly he realized that even though he was given great responsibility, he had no control over key elements such as quality assurance and worker morale.

Pace Principles

In 1978, Peter decided that he had grown beyond his limited influence and decided to run his own business the way he thought it should be run.

Pace Painting was re-established once Peter got his official license as a painting contractor. The company started with the core service of painting, but quickly expanded in 1999 when he got his general contracting license and the company was renamed Pace Builders.

Complete Building and Construction Services

From the day it was founded, Pace Builders was what Peter always thought a contractor should be: a service provider that listened to clients and delivered the client’s vision. By only taking one job at a time, Peter’s company offered the quality assurance that came with sole attention to detail on one project that many other companies could not offer because they were constantly juggling multiple jobs.

All staff was carefully selected by Peter, who developed a close relationship with each person in order to provide them with the guidance needed to ensure that they would do the job correctly the first time. 


Peter Bazner

Founder & CEO

Peter was the heart and soul behind Pace Builders.

Bringing nearly 50 years of construction experience to his past clients, Peter always prioritized exceptional customer service and high quality results above all else.

Client testimonials

When it comes to responsiveness, getting the job done on time, and high quality results, PACE IS SIMPLY THE BEST. We have done a lot of work on our house — we’ve worked with a lot of contractors, and at this point, Pace is our go-to contractor of choice for any job. The estimates are fair, the work is done quickly and well, and if there is even the tiniest glitch, Peter and the crew are right on it. They communicate clearly, offer options, have creative ideas, and hear what their clients say. 

— B. Kienan

This is the contractor of my dreams–they don’t do any of the annoying things that are common in the industry: fail to show up when promised, play ear splitting music while working, abandon your project with 5% left undone and not return no matter how many times you call. Pace doesn’t go on to the next job until they’re finished with yours. Moderate prices but high level skills and friendly professional attitudes.

— Judith Coburn